Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas In NC!

We have been super busy preparing for Christmas with Jeremy's family and heading to NC to celebrate the Holidays with mine. I have lots of pictures to post and catch up on, but left my adapter in KY. Pictures to come when we return. Noah is now cutting his 7th tooth for Christmas. My, oh my, this child is cutting teeth everyday. He now has 4 on the bottom and 3 on top. Needless to say, there have been some midnight cries, and cuddling with mommy and daddy to make Noah bug feel better. I could cuddle anytime with my sweet boy!!

So far, the Christmas Vacation and trip has been a blast and a time for much needed rest and relaxation. We have enjoyed good food and Christmas treats galore. We took Noah to see Santa last night, and as we expected he gave him the stare down treatment that Noah does when he meets someone new. He has to scope everything out before he starts talking or breaks a smile. He kept an arms length between him and Santa. Even Santa kept making comments about Noah giving him the stiff arm. It took Jeremy, me, Amy, Sara, Nana, and Papa to call Noah's name and get him to look in the direction of the camera. We finally accomplished getting a cute pictures. I loved every minute of getting to take him to see Santa. I loved the set up at Northlake. It looked like Narnia and Noah and I got to walk through the falling snow in the snow globe. It was awesome and Santa looked great!!! Tonight we are going to the Billy Graham library for a carriage ride, hot chocolate and lots of Christmas fun. We have lots more fun things planned for this week and great time planned with family and friends. I am so excited!!!! I will post pictures soon of our NC Christmas.

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  1. I heard that I get to see you on Thursday. I am excited..its been way too long.