Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Christmas Story

Jeremy and I are so excited to share this holiday with our newest addition. Noah loves the Christmas lights and loves to pull on the branches. We had gotten this stocking cap for him and I could not resist getting a picture of our sweet boy in front of the Christmas tree. Jeremy and I have had so much fun shopping for Noah and picking out toys, clothes, and extra goodies for him. We have weeded through our purchases and have been trying to decided what we want to give Noah the most and taking back items he really does not need. It is so easy to go crazy when you enter a toy store or any store for that matter. I find myself spending much less money on myself and picking up things here and there for Noah. Jeremy and I are trying to be cautious and reasonable with our purchases since Noah is only 8 months old. So far, I think we have done a pretty good job considering all the many options of neat things stores have for him. I have loved sharing the holidays with Noah and I cannot believe the months have gone by so quickly with our little man. I cherish every minute!!! Happy Holidays!!


  1. You have a blog?! YAY!

    Now write more and post more pictures of that beautiful baby!!! =)

  2. Super cute picture!
    I totally understand the obession of buying for cute boys. It is so much fun!! I have said I have been done since November and then I go and find just one more thing.
    Can't wait to read more about all your adventures.